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IBA Group Predicts Changes for European RPA Market in 2021

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IBA Group is one of the largest IT service providers in Eastern Europe performing onshore, nearshore, and offshore projects with 2,500 professionals who have automated 500+ processes for companies from different industries for more than five years. IBA Group’s experts made a forecast that this year, the trend associated with the introduction of a new type of RPA platforms will be actively developing in Europe. The distinctive feature of this platform type is the absence of fixed license fees.

As estimated by RPA experts from IBA Group, implementation of license-free RPA platforms saves about 30% of the RPA budget for large companies and 50% or more for small companies. When using traditional full-featured RPA platforms, the customer pays for the deployment of RPA bots and an annual license fee for the platform. The use of a new type of RPA platform assumes that the customer only pays for the development and deployment of RPA bots and does not need to pay the license fee.

One of the first license-free RPA deployments took place successfully in Eastern Europe. The case in point was deployed RPA bots for the Ukrainian Energy Exchange on its proprietary full-featured EasyRPA platform. The software robots released professionals from monotonous routine operations and minimized the human factor in managing the trades.

“We were choosing the contractor according to several criteria, among which the key ones were the licensing conditions and the cost of supporting the deployed robots. The absence of license fees allowed us to quickly automate the clearing session process in the short-term natural gas market, relieving the burden on employees and mitigating the human factor.”

Alexander Kovalenko, the Exchange’s CEO

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