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IBM acquires an Italian Process Mining Sofware Company

by sol-admin

A few hours ago IBM announced it has acquired MyInvenio, an Italian startup that builds and operates process mining software. IBM’s acquisition of MyInvenio builds on its OEM agreement with the company. Upon the close of the acquisition, IBM has plans to integrate myInvenio’s capabilities into its Automation portfolio, including IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, IBM’s hybrid cloud software for using AI to transform business processes and help enable people to be more productive.

Founded in 2013, MyInvenio offers a platform designed to spotlight inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and tasks in industries that can benefit from automation. MyInvenio can run simulations to assess automation opportunities and measure the benefits of applying automation at the outset. Leveraging historical process execution data and desktop behavior enables the platform to determine exactly where to apply RPA bots, automated decisions, and AI models. Companies can use this to examine the most common IT requests, for instance, and automate resolution.

Using myInvenio’s process mining capabilities together with IBM AI-powered automation, an organization can streamline their accounts receivable process by looking at interactions with ERP and invoicing systems. The process mining software enables them to understand if employees spend a lot of time manually examining invoices and auditing purchase requests to find anomalies – two processes where AI-powered automation can help to boost efficiency and cut costs while freeing employees to do more strategic work. Another example involves IT ticketing systems. Companies can use process mining to examine the most common IT requests and automate resolution.

Learn more about IBM’s acquisition of MyInvenio from the following video where Massimiliano Delsante, the CEO and founder of MyInvenio, reveals more details.