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IBM Made Its Gen AI Tool Generally Available

by Ant Sh
IBM Made Its Gen AI Tool Generally Available

IBM recently announced the general availability of IBM Concert that uses generative AI to streamline the way in which users can control how applications work, provide insights into connected apps and toolsets, and simplify compliance processes. IBM believes that enterprises are going to have to rely on AI-driven automation, and that is what IBM Concert is all about.

It’s an automated application management and monitoring tool that’s powered by AI built on the watsonx platform. It’s designed to put users in the driver’s seat, giving them a more detailed understanding of their applications, the environments they run in, and the various tools they can use to control them.

IBM said the initial focus of IBM Concert is on use cases such as application risk and compliance management, but there are plans to expand its capabilities well beyond that. In the coming weeks, the company plans to enable better cost management and address other challenges associated with application sprawl.

With yesterday’s launch in general availability, every IBM customer can start using Concert to gain a more detailed view of their applications and environments, and quickly apply generative AI to obtain more insights on those apps. The tool is designed to instantly connect with customer’s existing environments and toolsets, so they can get started immediately with real-time data and dependency mapping to uncover operational challenges. It will help customers to understand the root cause of those challenges, and then quickly implement ways to address them by following its recommended actions.

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