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IBM RPA Studio: Making Bots Work Smarter

by sol-admin

You might have already heard that making bots smarter is the next generation of RPA often referred to as hyperautomation. AI and RPA are frequently considered accelerated capture or process mining capabilities, but that’s not the full story. AI matters with RPA. When we say bots working more intelligently, we mean providing resilience where the bots make fewer errors, facilitating AI, where the bots allow enterprises to easily apply artificial intelligence directly to their tasks in cognitive processing, allowing bots to make judgment calls that previously were reserved for humans.

This demo presents to you how AI-powered automation can infuse RPA with cutting-edge capabilities to make your bots work smarter for you. Not every task we deal with is perfectly structured for a traditional RPA implementation. The tasks our knowledge workers execute often require some cognitive thought processes such as categorizing tickets, understanding an email, or cross-checking names. With IBM RPA, we can accelerate our implementation of those no-thought and low-thought automation opportunities natively in just a few lines.

Some of these include are easy-to-implement knowledge basis as well as our AI processing through drag and drop commands. So let’s take a look at the following scenario. We have ACME Magazine Company implementing a handwriting capture solution on their pre-addressed mail. ACME has a list of their current customers, but if they get a response flyer, a human must still manually validate that the submitting customer isn’t already subscribed. Oftentimes people may use nicknames or the capture solution may not perfectly extract the handwriting. So previously RPA couldn’t be applied well. Let’s see how easy it is to automate this using IBM RPA Studio.