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Imagine 2023 Takes Place in Austin, TX on September 19-20

by Ant Sh
Imagine 2023 Takes Place in Austin, TX on September 19-20

Automation Anywhere unveiled the agenda preview, time, and location of its Imagine 2023 Conference. As dates and place are visible above, let’s take a closer look at a few of the most interesting sessions:

1 Intelligent automation: A C-level imperative

Current macroeconomic conditions are increasing the amount of pressure on organizations to reduce costs, with more business leaders looking at automation as a strategic lever to help navigate this storm. At the end of the day, what are the metrics that the C-level and board care about when it comes to automation, and why is this now such a strategic imperative?

2 Speaking the language of your CFO

How do you create a measurement strategy for intelligent automation initiatives and align these metrics with your business KPIs? What does the C-suite really want to know when it comes to intelligent automation efforts, and how do you deliver the message in terms of ROI, cost savings, or the business metrics that matter? Attend this session and hear from customers who will provide insights on their own journey and how they were able to up-level and report on their intelligent automation initiatives.

3 Translating generative AI into a business strategy

Generative AI is rapidly evolving with the potential to transform businesses across industries, and organizations can unlock new levels of innovation and efficiency. In this session, the organizers will provide customer insights on specific areas that should be considered and evaluated, including:

  • Developing a generative AI strategy
  • Finding the right use cases
  • Mitigating risk

If you want to register and save your spot, visit the event landing page.

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