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Imagine Digital IMEA 2021

by sol-admin

Yesterday, Automation Anywhere announced the IMEA edition of Imagine Digital – the region’s largest Cloud RPA and AI live-streamed event with more than 10,000 attendees. Two-day Imagine Digital IMEA 2021 begins on August 11 and features a wide variety of interactive content to help you achieve your intelligent automation objectives, especially in the cloud.

Imagine Digital IMEA opens with a keynote from Milan Sheth, Executive Vice President, IMEA, Automation Anywhere. Speaking about the event, he said:

“True to its name, Imagine Digital is more of an experience where customers, partners, and RPA practitioners gather to imagine the power and promise of automation powering Digital transformation. Attendees will not only learn about our products, but also success stories, business benefits, and common themes that organizations have observed as they progress on their automation journeys.”


Inspiration and Expert Insight

  • Learn about the latest trends in RPA from industry leaders and stay on top of RPA innovations with insightful keynotes, product news, customer showcases, and technical training.

Technical Tracks and Information

  • Participate in hands-on workshops and learn about the latest developments in our cloud-native intelligent automation platform, including Automation 360, IQ Bot, AARI, and Discovery Bot.

Customer Showcases

  • From reducing manual work to enhancing the customer experience – you’ll witness customers sharing successes and lessons learned in leveraging RPA in the cloud to tackle tough business challenges.

To join the attendees, fill out the registration form here.