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Implementation of RPA at Helpline (Italy)

by sol-admin

Helpline is the contact center company of the ICBPI group. It’s the number one player for the credit and debit card business. Helpline’s mission is to support the success of the group’s businesses and to ensure the best experience for its customers. The main challenge they have faced is to reduce all the repetitive and low-value tasks, which interfered with the core activity of their agent. Helpline chose one specific process in the security management area, the number one priority and they realized that in this process their agents were under the too high pressure to fulfill the SFA’s and they seek a solution in order to give themselves automation for all those processes.

Specialists proposed NICE robotic automation because it takes care of all the wrap-up phase of this process, the red tape to fill in. Nice robotic automation enabled Helpline to run a completely new process, the wrap-up phase has been dramatically reduced in handling time. Now they have greater accuracy, overall better performance, and most of all a considerably higher employee satisfaction. It’s a lot easier to manage a robot that performs a task that was previously done by humans. It’s installed in a virtual environment and it is, therefore, very easy to scale up. Another obvious advantage of the robot is that it’s always on, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, plus it is almost immune to mistakes.

Since the adoption of the solution, accuracy has risen above 99%. Helpline was able to meet the SLA of this process 100% of the time. The solution basically now enables the agent to start with the next task immediately after ending the previous. This gives the agents the feeling that their time is a value. They can better focus on the customer instead of focusing on manual tasks. Before it took them quite a bit to fill out a form and send an email while right now they just click a bottom and the email is sent. Helpline definitely plans to expand the adoption of the NICE robotic automation to other areas of activity and all the many back-office and offline activities they provide. They envision a future in which their agent only takes care of valuable activities. Helpline regards NICE robotic automation as a powerful tool in order to fulfill this vision.

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