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Insurance Leader’s Guide to the Digital Workforce

by Ant Sh
Insurance Leader’s Guide to the Digital Workforce

WorkFusion’s team has lately chatted with insurance leaders to understand what primary pain points they are solving with digital workers and compiled their most popular answers:

Team’s bandwidth is compromised by menial tasks
“I pay these people a salary that reflects their skills as an underwriter, not to have them just input data into a system.”

Inconsistent or erroneous data
“We recently conducted an internal data audit. The results were shocking: Turns out, 80% of the data our employees enter ends up falling off.”

Suboptimal customer experience
“With such complicated processes as insurance operation currently are, everything takes an unnecessarily long time. As the result, we might lose customers.”

Inconsistencies in underwriting decisions
“A huge variability in data collection, communication, and personal thought processes lead to more or less of a
black box of how requests are currently handled.”

To help insurance organizations meet these challenges, WorkFusion prepared its Insurance Leader’s Guide to the Digital Workforce. Download and read this presentation to learn the following:

  • The full benefits of leveraging Intelligent Automation;
  • How to save 70% of manual time in handling policies;
  • How to significantly improve data quality without additional headcount or new processes.