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Intelligent Automation at DTE Energy

by sol-admin

Let us introduce to how DTE Energy, a Michigan-based provider of energy services, rapidly deployed their RPA program, automating 35 processes over the course of nine months.

Market conditions in the utility industry are rapidly changing and companies are under pressure to increase productivity and reduce operational costs in order to keep customer rates affordable and increase shareholder value.

Business leaders of DTE Energy decided to embark on a proof of concept using Blue Prism to investigate how the RPA technology might streamline their business processes.

Non-standard Approach
With two successful pilots under their belt, the staff approached their next phase in a unique and deliberate way. DTE decided to create a dedicated team that would focus solely on the automation program – the Intelligent Business Automation Team (IBAT). The company recruited process architects, who have a deep understanding of process functionality, and technical architects, who design the overall solution. Lastly, it brought on software architects and trained them on the Blue Prism platform and bot controllers who would watch the automation closely and maximize their value.

DTE automated 35 processes within only nine months. Customer service, Finance, HR, and corporate functions benefited from this first automation and 250,000 annualized hours were given back to business.

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