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Intelligent Automation Can Add $850M in Annual Value for CSPs

by sol-admin

Yesterday, Nokia published the results of its recent survey conducted in collaboration with STL Partners, one of the leading research and consulting firms focusing on the telecom industry and adjacent markets. The survey of 100+ CSP executives from across the globe revealed that large communication service providers (CSPs) with average revenue of $15 billion can generate an equivalent of 5.7% in annual value by intelligent automation into facets of their business, such as network and service operations, customer care, marketing and sales, and fraud protection. That means that Intelligent Automation can bring CPSs approximately $850 million in annual value via cost savings and additional revenues.

Other findings of the research are the following:

  • Over 40% feel they have a clear automation strategy, but only 21% of respondents noted they currently systematically track well-defined KPIs.
  • Over 70% noted they currently have a strategy to grow revenues from services that extend beyond connectivity and that they see automation as integral to delivering these services.
  • Operators who prioritize automation “building blocks” by defining automated domains and evaluating the importance of these domains are more likely to reduce operating costs, enable new services and faster time to market, as well as manage the complexity of existing networks.

“Automation is no longer nice to have – it is essential to the efficiency and success of all CSPs, big and small. By incorporating intelligent automation, operators can not only better manage operational complexities, but unlock revenue streams from new use cases across consumer and enterprise.”

Hamdy Farid, Cloud and Network Services Head of Applications, Nokia