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Intelligent Automation in Smart City Oulu

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The city of Oulu, also well-known as the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, has entered into an innovation partnership with the intelligent automation service companies Digital Workforce and Front AI. The purpose of the partnership is to develop an AI-service bot for the city’s customer services.

Key Point
The cornerstone of this project is an intelligent virtual assistant, OuluBot, that will be based on conversational AI making it much more capable and secure than traditional chatbots. OuluBot will be capable of truly interactive conversation as well as handling many service requests independently from start to finish. The bot will not only look for answers from pre-recorded question-answer pairs but will be able to search up relevant information from open data and the city’s resources.

Digital Workforce and Front AI will start the development of OuluBot together with the city, for which Oulu has received Business Finland project funding for 2020 – 2021.

“We look forward to developing a revolutionary tool for the city, that in addition to delivering advice in fluent language, is able to handle customer service processes from start to finish. The developed solution will be connectable to all the city’s existing systems as well as be available to customers around the clock on different devices – including mobile”
Jari Annala, the founder of Front AI

“OuluBot is of a new generation of intelligent digital employees never before seen in the Finnish public sector. The innovation partnership enables the development of excellent digital services for Oulu residents, tourists, and companies. In addition, central to the project is that the built solution is replicable to other organizations – boosting the development of customer-centric digital services further”
Timo Maisila, Head of Public Sector Accounts at Digital Workforce

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