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Intelligent Insights by TELUS International

by sol-admin

TELUS International is a provider of multilingual digital customer experience and digital IT solutions to global clients. Its clients include corporations in technology & games, communications & media, eCommerce & fintech, travel & hospitality, and healthcare industries. The company was named a leader on the 2021 Everest Group Customer Experience Management Services PEAK Matrix® for the third consecutive year.

Recently, TELUS International announced the launch of Intelligent Insights, a tool-agnostic platform to monitor and manage RPA solutions and bots. By bringing digital coworkers and employees together in the same space, Intelligent Insights gives you the clarity you need for effective workforce management. Intelligent Insights supports all major Bot and RPA platforms including intelligent TELUS International Assistant, Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and more.

Key Features of The Solution

• Agnostic platform that can be integrated with market-leading automation tools
• Simplified dashboard for a consolidated view of digital workforce performance
• License management module for a holistic view of bots in use, scheduled and available
• Robust human-bot governance to automate end-to-end processes
• Suggestion portal for innovative ideas, reviews, and a built-in ROI calculator
• On-device data extraction involving field workforce
• Outcome-based quick start program
• Enterprise-grade scalability and security
• Transparent licensing models with no hidden costs
• Advanced analytics and reporting