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Introducing RPA Master – Telco Automation Leadership Council

by Altera

September 22, 2022, marks the next step in the history of RPA Master. We hosted the first meeting of the RPA Master Leadership Council for the telecommunications industry, connecting the automation leaders from the top telecom companies, including Verizon, Vodafone, TELUS, Etisalat UAE, Turkcell, A1 Telekom Austria AG, Telekom Srbija, American Tower, Granite Telecommunications.

Thank you, Aamir Yousuf, Amr Mansour, Biljana Mladić, Crina Kajioka, Doug Connor, C. Handan Aymaz, Melanie Laschet, Miguel Vazquez, Paul Kostas, for joining the Leadership Council as founding members.

Thank you, Council’s Chairman Abid Mustafa, for setting the inspiring vision of ”enabling Telecom companies to become smarter with zero-touch experience through the deployment of Intelligent Automation.”

Thank you, Nabeel Saiyer and Mercurial Minds, for your partnership in co-founding the Council.

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