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Invoice Processing in SAP by UiPath Intelligent OCR Pack

by sol-admin

This RPA demo shows you how a software robot created with the UiPath Intelligent Optical Character Recognition Pack can extract information from different types of formats (including picture copies).

It can be used for different activities such as:

  • save PDF invoices in a dedicated folder
  • read them one by one
  • extract key information from the invoices
  • open SAP and fill invoice details in
  • send email notifications to stakeholders

please note that the robot will do some activities in the background, such as:

  • most of the invoice-related actions
  • monitoring a folder or checking its email address.

Let’s find out the steps it’s working:

  1. It’s monitoring a folder where 3 invoices are stored and collecting all the information needed so we can register them one by one.
  2. It then asks the tester to introduce the email address where the posting notification will be sent and also performs basic checks to see if the SAP is open and runs it on its own if not.
  3. Logging into SAP using its credentials, it then starts processing the invoices one by one. We can see it filling in data, such as vendor code, invoice date, invoice number, invoice amount, invoice description, and GL account, and ends up by filling the Payment Term.
  4. Following that, it registers the remaining 2 invoices in the assigned company code. An email containing the SAP registration number is sent automatically by the robot after successfully registering each invoice.
  5. Checking in the background, the robot verifies whether the VAT on the invoice matches the one in our database and if so, will post it automatically. Otherwise, it will park it and send a dedicated email to the responsible person highlighting this difference and asking what to do: post the invoice or cancel it and send it back to the vendor. all the invoice details are visible in the email it sends so let’s reply with “yes” to the message for an invoice with a VAT difference.
  6. Finally, it will check its email address in the background, access SAP using the appropriate transaction code, and post the invoice. That’s how the robot has successfully posted the three invoices in SAP.