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Io-Tahoe Data RPA Platform

by sol-admin

Io-Tahoe is a global leader in AI-driven Data Asset Management, enabling organizations to discover, manage and drive business value from data held across a wide range of technology platforms. Io-Tahoe uses machine learning algorithms to dramatically increase the accuracy and speed of managing complex data elements and data relationships across business functions, business applications, and legacy data silos. Io-Tahoe also employs cloud-enabled data catalogs, customizable ontologies, and automated tagging features to unite and classify data, metadata, and analysis within an intuitive user experience designed to help technical and non-technical people collaborate. In doing so, Io-Tahoe significantly reduces the manual effort required for data users to better know, manage and drive value from their data assets.

In this demo, you are going to see how it is possible to complete an enterprise data catalog in 1 step instead of doing it manually in 5 steps. The video shows the Data RPA Platform built on advanced algorithms, machine learning, and AI.