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IQ Bot Classifier – Mature IDP Using Machine Learning Models

by sol-admin

IQ Bot is Automation Anywhere’s IDP (intelligent document processing) solution, and it enables you to extract content from your images. For instance, you are dealing with invoices and got invoices from 15 different vendors. Using IQ Bot, you can extract the details and then use that data. That’s generally how people are using IQ Bot.

But if we wanted to look at a more mature process for intelligent document processing, we can bet it starts with classifying our images. For example, if we begin to get images that are like, “Hey, someone put this in the invoice folder, but it’s actually a purchase order,” or that might be a mortgage document, then IQ bot is going to have trouble with that because the learning instance that we’ve set up is set up for invoices only, it wasn’t not set up for handling mortgage documents. And that’s where classification comes in. And with classification, we can train our own custom classification model using our own images and that can do both text and image-based classification. So how can we do that?

There is a package that is called the IQ Bot classifier package. This package enables us to intelligently classify incoming documents and images and make sure that we are sending them to the appropriate learning instance. Let’s watch this demo, where Developer Evangelist Micah Smith breaks down the IQ Bot Classifier package demonstrating how organizations can take the processing of their forms to the next level. Using this Classifier Package, organizations can train, consume, and re-train their own machine learning models to classify incoming documents.