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IQ Bot Document Classifier

by sol-admin

In this demo, Automation Anywhere introduces document classification capabilities as part of an RPA package. This new RPA package leverages machine learning and computer vision technologies to identify different document types from a set of unsorted documents. In conjunction with IQ Bot and RPA, document classification greatly streamlines the process of transforming sets of unidentified documents into structured data objects. The video demonstrates how to use the document classification tool as part of an intelligent mortgage document processing solution.  

To recap, mortgage documents often come in large packets containing many different kinds of forms.  Before any of these forms can be sent to IQ Bot for document extraction, they must be sorted by the document type so that they can be sent to the proper IQ Bot learning instance. To classify the documents we must begin by training a machine learning model that learns to recognize different mortgage document types based on labeled samples. Watch the video below to see what’s going on next.