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Jacada’s Customer Service Automation

by sol-admin

COVID-19 is fast spreading throughout the world. Delivering great customer service is neither been more challenging nor has been more important than now. Companies and public services are doing their best to serve customers and constituents in the face of drastic growth of call volumes, long hold times, and even disconnected calls. Temporary labor is being utilized with little time for training and governments are pushing for employees to work from home. Customers are looking for answers and uncertainty is contributing to customer anxiety. How can companies rapidly help these customers in real-time reserving representatives for those with the most pressing issues? How can temporary employees, who sometimes seem to know only as much as the customer, do that? Jacada provided guidance tools to help them better assist customers while reducing the need for lengthy training. Finally, how can organizations pull this off in an agile manner at a pace previously considered impossible?

Jacada’s Customer Service Automation solutions can help. A business-friendly drag-and-drop designer is used to quickly create the experience you want for your customers and will enable rapid changes as conditions continue to change. You can also use a chatbot or virtual assistant to address the new questions you’re hearing from customers. Where authentication is impossible, ask extra questions to deliver a more personalized answer. Directing customers to read lengthy generic content on the Web may cause more confusion. Where appropriate, sync to existing self-service assets to guide customers through related transactions, like a cancellation without needing to speak to a human.

Leverage the logical flow configured for your customers and put them in the hands of your representatives, especially those, who may have been hired for temporary help and haven’t had much training. Guide your employees to ask the right questions of customers to lead them to deliver answers that are as accurate, clear, and personalized as possible. If you’re using temporary resources, such guidance can also let them know what questions they can answer and when to set up a callback from a more experienced representative.

Empower your employees to design automation and intuitive workflows for real. Customers are anxious, employees feel overwhelmed, you can guide them like a pro on any channel in any modality. Give them the power to be agile during times of crisis with the call center software from Jacada.