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Japanese App Uses AI to Spot Cat Pain

by Ant Sh
Japanese App Uses AI to Spot Cat Pain

Can artificial intelligence tell when your cat is in pain? Japanese smartphone app CatsMe made this possible!

Since its launch, this AI-driven smartphone application has become popular among Japanese pet owners. With over 230,000 customers using the app to monitor their beloved feline companions’ health, CatsMe has quickly become a trusted tool in pet care. The convenience and accuracy of the app, coupled with its ability to detect signs of pain in cats, have resonated with pet owners across Japan.

Tech startup Carelogy and researchers at Nihon University developed CatsMe! by training it on 6,000 pictures of cats. The developers say it is more than 95% accurate and expect that degree to improve as the AI trains on more feline faces.

As the ageing population and declining birth rate contribute to the increasing importance of pets in Japanese households*, there is a demand for innovative solutions like CatsMe. This growing popularity highlights the significant impact of AI technology in revolutionizing pet care practices and enhancing the well-being of furry family members.

*The Japan Pet Food Association estimated there were almost 16 million pet cats and dogs in the country last year, more than the number of children under 15.