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Join RPA Master Leadership Council

by Sem Sergunin

Lead the intelligent automation community

Intelligent automation opens a path to an efficient and automated dream enterprise of the future, where every worker is productive, valuable, and ultimately happy.  

However, this path could be challenging. Navigating technical, organizational, and cultural barriers requires method, knowledge, and skills.

RPA Master Leadership Council brings together top automation experts from a particular industry who went through this journey, overcame challenges, and are ready to share their experiences and guide you along the way.

We invite you to join the RPA Master Leadership Council – the core group of experts leading the automation community.  

As a Council member, you: 

  • Connect with the top minds in the intelligent automation space
  • Become a co-author of the Intelligent Automation Guide by sharing your automation story
  • Grow your brand as the top automation expert by participating in or leading the featured panel discussions and podcasts. 
  • Expand your thought leadership by contributing to the community blog and featured articles

The RPA Master Leadership Council is an executive, invite-only community. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form.