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Kane Wound Care Achieved an 80% Reduction in Their Human Efforts with Nividous Intelligent Automation

by sol-admin

Kane Wound Care is a group of over 30 physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants dedicated to the practice of providing wound care services. They offer their services to patients in their homes and residents in long-term, subacute facilities and assisted living facilities. They are servicing approximately a hundred of these facilities throughout New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, managing 1500 patients weekly.

The company chose Nividous as its preferred partner to improve the accuracy and efficiency of its medical coding and billing process and streamline its business model to gain maximum efficiency. They wanted to eliminate the potential loss of revenue from inaccurate coding. From a revenue cycle management perspective, it is crucial that the coding for billing is done quickly and with one hundred percent accuracy to avoid rejection/non-payment of claims.

Nividous’ AI-powered RPA Bots allowed for frictionless medical data retrieval to complete complex coding that is required to ensure fast, maximum Medicare payment. The automation has also enabled Kane Wound Care to file reports directly into their customer’s EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system within 24 hours thus cutting down on their administrative burden. With the success of this automation, Dr. Haresh Kane, Founder and CEO of Kane Wound Care, is anticipating a significant increase in revenues and overall cash flow for the business.


“We have added more Nividous Bots into our workflow operations to further enhance other areas that are too reliant on human capital. For example, the process that required our staff to download and upload around 600 patient reports daily from our wound expert system to the Point Click Care portal is now handled by the Bots enabling us to save up to 80% of our staff’s time.”

Dr. Haresh Kane, Founder and CEO, Kane Wound Care