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Kofax Added Data Centers in Australia and Europe to Support the Latest Release of Kofax TotalAgility

by sol-admin

The latest version of Kofax TotalAgility, announced last week, delivers on vision with dozens of new improvements, from AI-powered intelligent document processing and low-code workflow design to connecting critical business systems. The low-code capabilities empower citizen or professional developers to create virtually any workflow and orchestrate the human and automated tasks that execute it.

Supporting this release, Kofax also continues to expand its cloud capabilities, adding data centers in Australia and Europe. These new facilities provide TotalAgility customers with greater compliance with data residency requirements.

New and improved features of Kofax TotalAgility include:

Enhanced artificial intelligence
Harnessing AI to drive deeper document intelligence market leadership, TotalAgility now delivers continuous automated improvements in accuracy, with no human intervention, for separating large batches of documents – one of the most demanding document processing tasks.

Improved low-code development
TotalAgility makes it easier to define, acquire and verify the documents needed for content-intensive workflows. The status of the documents is viewable by everyone involved in the task, from the process designer to the end-user. New capabilities also accelerate the development process by making it easier for professional and citizen developers to manage workflows, generate documentation, move projects between environments with a single click, and create and run test cases.

Upgraded visibility and insights
The platform also features a new digital workforce management console, providing access to real-time insights into activity across the deployment – critical for scaling intelligent automation solutions. Administrators can quickly identify and address issues or tune the system to optimize performance with no downtime.

“Building agility and resilience into business operations is critical in today’s unpredictable, disruptive environment. Doing so gives businesses the ability to adapt faster than the competition and create new opportunities for growth while others are trying to survive. This release of TotalAgility is unparalleled in the marketplace in its ability to provide the essential tools needed to accelerate digital transformations and create highly efficient, responsive organizations.”

Kathleen Delaney, Chief Marketing Officer, Kofax