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Korean Naver Cloud Provides UiPath RPA as SaaS

by sol-admin

Naver Cloud is a cloud computing service wing of South Korea’s web service giant Naver. Naver Cloud said in today’s statement that the company released the RPA solution made by UiPath, an American global software company, as SaaS*.

Naver Cloud is the first Korean cloud service provider to provide the solution in the cloud method rather than on-premises. Naver Cloud Platform’s RPA Service has a clouded Orchestrator, a tool that runs, operates, and manages automation processes. In any environment, it is possible to process robot registration, assignment, monitoring, and schedule management at once without building complex infrastructure or installing additional software.

In addition, in one integrated management console, you can add as many tenants as needed and register an independent robot for each tenant to separate work areas to efficiently manage the automation environment. It is economical because you only have to pay for the time the registered robot is running.

Naver Cloud plans to gradually expand the field of RPA service utilization to finance and the public sector, starting with corporate business systems, manufacturing, and distribution. In the financial field, where the introduction of RPA is in the stage of advancement beyond generalization, it performs simple and repetitive tasks such as non-face-to-face account approval, external site credit rating inquiry, and report creation quickly and precisely. In the case of the public sector, which is actively reviewing the introduction of RPA, by automating various paperwork and data collection, existing personnel can focus on more creative and professional tasks, thereby improving the quality of public services.

* SaaS is a software delivery model in which a cloud-based software application is licensed to a user. SaaS providers deliver and maintain applications using cloud services. Multiple users can have access to the same software, and users do not have to worry about server maintenance.

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