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Kryon Process Discovery: Automate your automation

by sol-admin

Every day in every enterprise employees carry out unlimited processes that could be better executed by a virtual workforce in a fraction of the time. The challenge today is identifying all these processes with minimum effort.

Kryon’s Process Discovery delivers an AI-powered solution to meet this challenge. Discovery robots monitor every interaction that employees have with their applications and continuously send these data to the discovery engine to analyze and map every business process.

Findings are displayed in real time on the Kryon console which proposes automation recommendations prioritized by ROI and business results. Once a process is selected for automation, its workflow is immediately shown. By clicking any step of the process you can see a quick view of the user action and can drill down even further for more information.

Now all you need to do is to click “automate” and Kryon Process Discovery turns recommendations into automation!

See the full demo here.