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Kryon’s V-Bot for COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments

by sol-admin

As you might know, Israel leads the world in COVID vaccinations and having already vaccinated 30% of its eight million citizens. Kryon with its RPA Solutions seems to be one of the reasons why that’s so:

“Kryon is proud to help Israel mobilize the world’s fastest and most extensive COVID-19 vaccination drive.”

Harel Tayeb, CEO, Kryon

Let’s take a look at what particular solution Kryon provided in Israel and is going now to provide around the world.

Many hospitals, healthcare providers, and HMOs receive vaccines with little notice, placing enormous stress on support staff to schedule last-minute appointments and use every available dose.

To meet this challenge, Kryon launched the software bot called V-Bot that accelerates and streamlines the scheduling of hundreds of thousands of patient appointments to receive the two-shot vaccine for COVID-19. The V-Bot is offered to all healthcare providers to expedite the required double-appointment setting. The purchase of Kryon V-Bot includes an unlimited amount of software bots to assist in the mass scheduling appointments. Furthermore, Kryon also customizes the automation workflow of an organization’s patient scheduling process based on an individual organization’s structure and needs.

Since yesterday the V-Bot has been announced worldwide available.

“Our mission now is to replicate this success [in Israel] on a global scale. By automating the multi-step process of scheduling vaccine appointments, Kryon’s scalable V-bot can easily support this critical effort and get the vaccine first to people who need it most, and then to the population at large. A worldwide vaccine rollout has presented healthcare organizations with an unprecedented number of operational problems. Automation is the only way to improve efficiency and ensure the maximum number of people receive vaccinations in a timely manner.”

Harel Tayeb, CEO, Kryon

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