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Laiye Acquires a Chinese AutoML Company

by Ant Sh
Laiye Acquires a Chinese AutoML Company

Laiye, one of the Niche Players in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for RPA 2022, recently announced its acquisition of Intelligence Qubic, an automated machine learning (AutoML) company from China.

AutoML is the process of automating the tasks of applying machine learning to real-world problems. Automated Machine Learning potentially includes every stage, from beginning with a raw dataset to building a machine learning model ready for deployment. AutoML was proposed as an artificial intelligence-based solution to the growing challenge of applying machine learning. The high degree of automation in AutoML aims to allow non-experts to make use of machine learning models and techniques without requiring them to become experts in machine learning.

Intelligence Qubic’s AutoML offering supplements Laiye’s leading IA software to improve the accuracy of AI models, further developing the business value transformation brought by the Intelligent Automation platform to customers.

“The acquisition of Intelligence Qubic is another key milestone for Laiye as we continue to build an integrated Intelligent Automation platform. Deploying top-class end-to-end Intelligent Automation solutions means our customers can see significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, cost-savings, and ultimately more successes along their digital transformation journey.”

Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO, Laiye