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LAIYE Partners with IAC to Go On Scaling Out across EMEA

by sol-admin

Along with Cyclone Robotics, Laiye is the most visible in Asia’s RPA&IA market. Last November, the company announced it planned to invest $50M in EMEA over the next three years to attempt disrupting the Big Three – Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and UiPath. This week, the company said it had signed a strategic partnership with globally-recognized IA expert IAC, combining market-leading automation expertise, servicing the 57% of companies exploring intelligent automation, which aligns with Laiye’s strategy to scale out across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa region. In particular, Laiye and IAC’s collaboration will cover resell for France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Together, Laiye and IAC aim to become EMEA’s most vital capable service partner, bringing advanced solutions to intelligent RPA, intelligent document processing (IDP), and conversational chatbots markets.

Laiye claims the partnership will help unshackle businesses from the constraints and bulky integrations of the ‘Big Three’ without forcing them to rip and replace existing solutions. With Laiye, they can realize a greater return on investment than historic RPA solutions by linking traditional automation with innovative Artificial Intelligence capabilities that optimize their business processes as they continue the journey to Hyperautomation.

At IAC, we focus above all on disrupting time to value for our clients and improving ROI. This is why we are looking forward to partnering with Laiye and their very powerful portfolio, including AstraZeneca, Roche, and more, to build on its expertise and better service our shared customers.”

Olivier Gomez, Co-Founder and CEO, IAC