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M-Bot by MRTE (M) SDN. BHD. (Malaysia)

by sol-admin

M-Bot is an application of Robotic Process Automation by MRTE (M) SDN. BHD. and is the first and only locally developed RPA in Malaysia with world-class features:

  • Low code solution
  • Replaces repetitive tools
  • Mimic human actions
  • Enables a virtual workforce
  • Sits over existing IT infrastructure

M-Bot implementation journey basically consists of 6 following steps:

Infrastructure setup

  • designing server architecture
  • installation and configuration
  • setting up development, testing, and production

Project governance

  • agreeing on the project development approach
  • reviewing M-Bot best practices

Workflow design

  • filling in the process design development (PDD)
  • creating test cases and data
  • designing the solution

Workflow development

  • building workflows
  • performing unit and functional testing
  • creating development specification document

Quality assurance

  • executing test cases
  • reporting the results
    -making the go/no go decision

Hyper care

  • performing workflow support
  • managing changes and improvements

To get more info about M-Bot watch this demo.