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Meet ARSOS, the First RPA Software for Renewables

by sol-admin

As the wind industry grows larger, so do the challenges we need to overcome. Wind farms deal with extreme weather conditions, mandatory grid regulations, environmental restrictions, and many other complex factors that stress the assets cultivating under performance and downtime.

To monitor and deal with all these issues, we have built hundreds of control rooms. Control rooms are designed to respond to issues on a 15-minute average. The problem with this is the amount of potential energy being left on the table. For operators, the layers of complexity are compounded by having to take energy price fluctuations as well as regulatory changes into their daily concerns. For owners, these operational inefficiencies are limiting profitability.

The industry needs an intelligent solution, and with more than a decade of experience working with control rooms of all sizes, Green Eagle has developed the ARSOS (Autonomous Renewable Smart Operations Software) robot. ARSOS is an RPA-based software that autonomously operates and applies 1:1 care to hundreds of turbines at once. Not only does it reset turbine faults, as soon as it’s safe to turn them back on, it’s also capable of stopping turbines when the market, health status or certain weather conditions are met.

The outcome is more energy generated, life-span extension and ultimately, an increase in profitability. Giving ARSOS a try and taking control of your profitability today, you will contribute to the carbon-neutral world of tomorrow.