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Meet Robomotion, RPA Software from Turkey

by sol-admin

Founded in 2020, Robomotion is a privately held company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. It has three main RPA products called Scraping, Growth, and Price Tracking. The first one is a web scraping tool that can extract and compare data from all over the web, do market research, gather social media data, auto-download images, and documents, and even fill forms without any workforce. The second one streamlines time-consuming tasks like assessing, qualifying, and prioritizing processes so your workforce focuses on value-adding and complex tasks. The third Robomotion product is a Price Tracking Tool which allows you to gather insights about your competitors, list the prices of the products from different sources, and always stay up-to-date. This tool is also available as a Google Chrome extension.

Robomotion also lets you run multiple tasks within one automation project. And it’s a cinch to schedule your RPA bot based on minutes, hours, days, or weeks. All you have to do is enable scheduling on your RPA bot using the cloud-based admin, then you’re ready to manage schedules with a few clicks. The bots stay idle while polling or waiting for a trigger like an email schedule or queue so you won’t have to constantly re-enter parameters or check in on the little guys. Plus you can use Robomotion to trigger automation even by a web service.

Here is a brief presentation video of Robomotion.