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Meet Yellow.ai, One of the Top Indian Startups

by sol-admin
Meet Yellow.ai, One of the Top Indian Startups

Yellow.ai is a Conversational CX Automation Platform, recognized by Gartner, IDC & G2 Crowd as a leader. It is also recognized in LinkedIn’s Top Startups list for 2020. Yellow.ai brings the best of AI and Human intelligence together, to automate Customer Experience for large brands and enterprises.

The startup currently has more than 1,200 customers over 30 countries, with chat and voice bots in 100+ languages, across 35+ channels like Web, WhatsApp, Instagram, In-App, IVR, Contact Center, Google Business Messages, Apple Chat, Viber, WeChat, Alexa, Telephony and more.

The company aims to democratize AI by offering no-code/low-code bot builders, omnichannel virtual assistants, ticketing automation, to bring AI to the benefit of business leaders and developers alike.

The platform is built on a proprietary NLP engine. The Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and NLP engine compound the self-learning of the Dynamic AI Agents through multifactorial intent recognition, effective engagement and on-point resolution – all in real-time and with 98% accuracy.

The predictive/AI layer predicts the future conversation or allows third-party tools to predict conversation and manage workflow. This enables end-users to place orders, which in turn allows partners to use data feeds to build models for future predictions with little data or feature engineering.

Watch this video to get an overview of Yellow.ai platform.