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by sol-admin

Meeting Messenger, created by Pyramid Labs, can intelligently transcribe meetings between professionals and perform time-consuming administrative tasks, many in real-time. The bot has access to an ordinary web browser. While participants speak the meeting records what will become the final transcript. It can even distinguish when each person is speaking. With a simple verbal command, the meeting messenger automates a series of steps to create and submit a customized helpdesk request. The entire process happens in the background while the meeting continues.

Moreover, the meeting messengers capability goes far beyond filing forms, it can place an Amazon order for a preapproved product triggered by only a verbal command.

The bot keeps business records up to date as it works and notifies the meeting participants when the work is done. When the meeting ends the bot begins carefully analyzing the recording to determine which participant should be associated with each statement. It also performs a sentiment analysis that indicates the emotional tone of the statements made – positive / neutral / negative. With the transcript complete in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, the meeting messenger gets ready to distribute it to the team. It first uploads the minutes to the meeting leaders’ OneNote account and then attaches the Excel file to an Outlook email message. Moments after the meetings wrapped up the project team receives a record of the discussion automatically. With these common processes handled through Pyramids RPA, the team can stay focused on doing a higher-value work.

Take a look at a few examples of how this messenger operates.

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