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Mencap’s Automation Journey

by sol-admin

Mencap is a British charity that works with people with a learning disability. Their focus is on doing good in the world but they also have to ensure the charity runs efficiently. Learn how they turned to automation, knowing that any resources gained back to the business allows them to focus more on supporting those who rely on them.

The Mencap payroll team were working across 2 systems, manually inputting changes to employee work hours and then creating written confirmations. The circumstances around COVID-19 led to increased changes in work hour patterns, highlighting a real pain point and the risk of staff not being paid correctly. More time and money was being spent on administration; resources that would better serve the people Mencap supports.

A Blue Prism intelligent digital worker grabs any request form for employee hour changes from a centralized folder and implements these changes across both systems. It then creates a confirmation letter which the payroll team signs and posts out to the employee. Any forms that are incomplete are added to an exceptions folder for manual review. This process gives Mencap 3 days a month back to the business and reduces the possibility of human error, enabling them to use more resources to focus on the things that really matter.

Business impact

  • Realized cost savings £120,00
  • 50 hours returned every month
  • Ensuring employees are paid correctly

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