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Mihir Shukla & Nayaki Nayyar interviewed by Peter Burris (theCUBE)

by sol-admin

This is a digest of interview by Peter Burris with Nayaki Nayyar (BMC president of digital services and operations management division) and Mihir Shukla (the CEO of Automation Anywhere). The conversation took place at BMC Helix Immersion Days 2019 in Santa Clara, CA. The topic of that interview was the resulting of the associated explosion in software that may, in fact, have beеn even a bigger issue that the explosion in data.

Now, let’s have a look at what two guests said.

The highlights from Nayaki Nayyar:

– Helix has been a very successful platform for improving user experience.

“Customer experience, whether you’re providing an experience to employees or consumers or end customers, that is the ultimate goal, that’s the ultimate result of what you want to get, and the speed at which you provide that experience is the accuracy at which you provide experience, the cost at which you provide that experience becomes a comparative differentiation, which is where all this automation, this augmentation that they’re doing with humans and bots, is what enables them to do that. For all large enterprise customers, major service organizations trying to transform into that future goal.”

“A tsunami of bots, of conversation bots and RPA bots, so in this tsunami, I think what everyone is trying to figure out is, how do they manage this explosion? It’s human-impossible to do it all manually, you have to augment it, with, of course, intelligence AIML, but then of course bots become a big part of that augmentation to orchestrate all of that back-to-back process.”

“In our consumer world, in our day to day life, we are used to a certain experience of how we consume data or consume experiences with our TVs and all the channels. That experience that we have in our day to day life is what people expect when they walk into the company, walk into the enterprise, which every IT organization is trying to figure out how do they get to that level of maturity. So this is what the combination of what we are doing with Helix and Automation Anywhere, brings that consumer grid experiences into an enterprise world.”

The highlights from Mihir Shukla:

“We have to think of the new organization as an augmented organization where human and bots working side by side, each doing what they’re best at

“The beauty is when human and bots work together, because there are some functions that the bots can do well and then at some point they can hand off to human beings, and human beings do some of the more interesting work that is based on a judgment call, customer service, all of that. So that the combination is the end goal for everybody.”

“Last 20 years of digital technologies from Amazons and Googles of the world, Netflix and others, they have created this mindset of instant customer gratification. And we all been trained for it, so what was acceptable five years ago is no longer acceptable in our own lives. And so this new standard of an instant result, instant outcome, instant response, instant delivery, we just expect it. Once your end-consumer begins to do that, we as a business no longer have a choice, that’s writing on the wall. And so what these new platforms are doing, like with BMC Helix and Automation Anywhere, is delivering that instant gratification. And when you think about it more and more of the new customers that are millennials, they don’t know any other way. So for them, this is the only experience they will relate to, so again, this is not nice to have. It is the only way world will operate.”

“If you look at large organizations, they have a vast amount of applications. Sometimes 400, 800, a few thousand. And what we have been doing historically is using people as a human bridge between these applications, and we have operated that way for too long, and that’s the world today.”

You can watch the whole interview here.