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Monotype processes 30,000 contracts automatically with Botminds AI

by Anna Chigir
Monotype case study - Botminds - RPA Master

Automatic processing of legal documents and contracts is the cutting-edge area of Intelligent Automation. Those are the most sophisticated unstructured multipage documents, thus their processing requires advanced AI models.

To learn from the contract automation story of Monotype – watch the recording of the online event “IA Done Right – Empowering the Whole Organization”, a part of the IA Network’s 2nd Annual IDP Solution Showcase. 

At the event, Dr. Jan Kaestner, SVP, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary at Monotype, and Gokul Ganapathi, Co-Founder & CEO at Botminds Inc, share the success story of implementing the integrated contract management solution powered by custom AI models developed on the Botminds AI platform.

Throughout its active acquisitions in the last 30 years, Monotype accumulated thousand of contracts from multiple jurisdictions, containing numerous non-standard clauses and variations. The goal was to process and structure this information to ensure full compliance and control over all those contracts. 

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You Will Learn

  • How to easily determine company contractual obligations (e.g. license entitlement for each customer)
  • How to integrate contract information into the existing CRM solution
  • How to easily answer complex questions, e.g. how many contracts were concluded between 2010 and 2020 with modified export control clauses? 
  • How to seamlessly onboard new contracts, received offline or through acquisitions 
  • How users can tune system UI for their specific needs



Dr. Jan Kaestner

SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Monotype

Jan Kaestner is General Counsel of Monotype, an industry-leading provider of font software and font software-related technologies.
Monotype licenses more than 300,000 fonts through its electronic distribution channels such as myfonts.com, fonts.com, or linotype.com as well as offline.
The private equity-owned company owns a library of more than 10,000 font families, the product of the world’s most celebrated and gifted type designers with famous fonts such as the Helvetica®, Univers®, and Frutiger® font software, but also licenses thousands of further families that it distributes for other foundries and individual typeface designers. 
As General Counsel, Jan Kaestner leads a team of 20 lawyers who provide inhouse legal services ranging from Intellectual Property maintenance and negotiating license agreements to supporting the business in M&A, employment, corporate, procurement, real estate, and all other legal company’s matters.
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Gokul Ganapathi

Founder & CEO, Botminds Inc

Gokul Ganapathi is the Founder & CEO of Botminds AI, an AI-first, no-code intelligent document automation platform for enterprises.
Botminds helps enterprises to unearth insights hidden in the unstructured documents, spearheading the transition of enterprises from RPA to IPA using its pathbreaking IDP platform.
Botminds specializes in automating processes with information-intensive large documents and document sets where huge subject matter expertise expended without any reach of automation so far.
Botminds provides a single holistic platform for enterprises unshackling them from multiple bot licenses and product integrations.
Before Botminds, Gokul was a solution architect in the Information retrieval architect where he was asked to solve data extraction challenges many times but failed every time, which lead to the creation of Botminds. He has more than a decade of experience in Document Understanding, and he enjoys using that in making customer’s life easy by helping them to adopt AI-led intelligent automation.

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