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Mulesoft Report: Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends

by Ant Sh
Mulesoft Report: Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends

“The pace of digital change shows no sign of slowing as we accelerate towards 2022. Organizations must meet the expectations of their employees and customers, or risk falling behind their competitors. This is reflected in the technology trends emerging across every industry, all of which are geared toward delivering improved user experiences and innovation at speed. Unlocking data and connecting applications will be central to the future of work and underpin tomorrow’s transformation initiatives, powering everything from increased automation to digital‑first experiences. The most effective way to do this will be to adopt a composable IT model, which empowers more people — developers and non‑developers alike — to connect data and applications in a secure, yet frictionless way.”

Rahul Pahuja, Director – Global MuleSoft Practice at Slalom

The future of work will be built on connected, hybrid experiences.

The workplace has rapidly evolved, and with it, employee expectations — forcing organizations to deliver digital‑first and connected experiences to drive productivity and retain talent.

Hyperautomation unlocks digital value.

Hyperautomation will unlock productivity, accelerate time‑to‑market, and transform employee and customer experiences.

Security‑by‑default is a must‑have.

Security‑by‑default will become a need‑to‑have as organizations increasingly realize their applications
and automations are only as secure as the composable blocks on which they are built.

To learn the rest of the top 7 digital transformation trends according to Mulesoft, download its full research on this page.