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New Contact Center Solution by Automation Anywhere

by sol-admin

Nowadays, customers engage with contact service agents over an ever-growing number of digital channels. At the same time, organizations want to empower agents with a complete view of the customer. But the reality is complicated as call center agents, whether virtual or human, must navigate apps, data sources, and multiple systems before they have the appropriate information required to respond. As a response to this issue, Automation Anywhere has just developed and introduced its cloud-native, AI-driven automation solution that empowers enterprises to deliver better customer service faster.

Automation Anywhere for Contact Centers enables agents to become more efficient in finding, retrieving and updating information, as well as executing client transactions quickly and accurately to speed delivery of services while reducing hold times. The solution is built on top of Automation 360, the world’s leading cloud-native RPA platform, and includes AARI, a smart, no-code, easy-to-use interface that allows business users to automate tasks and interactions across multiple systems. The solution can scale to support thousands of live or virtual agents and offers additional features, that:

Simplify live agent experiences: Automation 360 automates connections across multiple systems of record, including CRM, customer interactions, payment history, and authentications to provide the agent with a complete view of the customer. AARI enables back-end automation to speed workflows, update records, and escalations.

Speed response time of virtual agents with complete data: Intelligent automation collects data from modern and legacy systems to speed virtual agent response time to customer questions, addresses more complex inquiries accurately, and provides AI-recommended next-best actions. Virtual agents can go beyond simply answering questions to resolving end-to-end customer cases without human agent intervention.

Connect and scale across existing systems: Automation 360 connects and supports integrations for Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI), and Genesys Cloud CX offering an increasing degree of flexibility to connect the dots for agents hamstrung by complexity.

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