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New Corporate Hotel Program Management Platform Based on RPA

by sol-admin

Traxo is an online travel service that detects and organizes personal travel information, including itineraries, loyalty account balances, and expiration dates, from over 190 travel sources. In 2013, the company was ranked as a “Hot Startup” by Entrepreneur. Recently, the company announced its partnership with Plano, Texas-based Business Travel Performance (BTP) Automation to launch the industry’s first fully automated solution for hotel RFP (request for proposal) and program management that is specifically designed to save time and create maximum, quantifiable savings on ALL corporate hotel bookings.

The new service named the BTP Index leverages RPA via a robust data analytics platform and will serve to transform the historically complex, cumbersome, and time- and resource-consuming ”hotel RFP season” into an easier to manage, self-tuning corporate hotel negotiated rate program.

The BTP Index automatically and dynamically monitors and renegotiates hotel program terms and conditions, while providing the travel manager with recommended, automated corrective actions that can increase lodging savings, by ensuring hotels remain accountable to the rate commitments they’ve already agreed to while improving their travel program’s policy compliance through pre-trip auditing. BTP’s automated creation of the hotel bid list serves to relieve travel buyers of the single most laborious task in the annual procurement cycle.

“With the comprehensive pre-trip visibility that only Traxo can provide, our combined BTP/Traxo solution can now monitor ALL hotel bookings in real-time. Through extensive data analytics, the system provides fully automated corrective actions such as re-booking or re-submitting hotel chain and/or property RFPs to drive better compliance and improve overall hotel program performance.”

Fernando Avila, BTP Automation’s Founder