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New Features in Nintex Workflow Cloud

by sol-admin

Nintex, an RPA vendor that recently approved its own acquisition by TPG Capital, yesterday announced new enhancements for the Nintex Workflow Cloud solution, a “next-gen” cloud automation platform. These updates include new authorization and security milestones, intelligent forms integration, expanded governance features, and workflow tracking tools to help public and private sector organizations expedite their digital transformation initiatives.

Notable new features in Nintex Workflow Cloud:

My Nintex workflow tracking – My Nintex provides process owners and workflow participants control and visibility over digital forms, tasks, and workflows in a single dashboard. With the new workflow tracking feature, business owners gain enhanced insights and visibility into in-process workflows enabling them to track the progress of outstanding approvals and decisions.

Data source variables – Dynamically surface data from external systems of record in Nintex Workflow Cloud forms to improve how and what information is available and displayed to end-users. Reduce form complexity and data errors further by easily connecting to external data sources.

Nintex Gateway SQL Connector – Nintex Gateway is an on-premises application that enables Nintex Workflow Cloud to access on-premises resources such as RPA Central and Microsoft SharePoint on-premises. The October 2021 release of Nintex Workflow Cloud features additional support for Microsoft SQL Server via the new SQL Connector. The SQL Connector provides support for adding, viewing, or updating data, querying a table or view, and executing a stored procedure from any on-premises SQL databases.

Intelligent PDF Form Converter – Released in July 2021, this AI-based tool instantly converts static PDFs into interactive digital forms. With just a few clicks, paper-based PDF forms can be quickly digitized with Nintex Workflow Cloud. Support for fillable and non-fillable PDFs, as well as full customization options via the Nintex Form Designer, are also included.