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New Microsoft Power Automate Features

by Ant Sh
New Microsoft Power Automate features

Stephen Siciliano, VP, Power Automate at Microsoft has recently introduced the new Microsoft Power Automate features to develop and orchestrate automation:

— Copilot in Power Automate—now in preview
— Actions SDK for desktop flows—now in preview
— Hosted machines—now generally available
— Work queues—now in preview

According to Stephen, these new features in Power Automate using AI-powered experiences and RPA orchestration, can help ensure your automation runs smoothly, so you can do more with less.

Power Automate has previously had run queues built-in for managing all the work your digital workers are doing. The new work queues feature will take this to the next level—providing full digital workforce management, which involves managing and optimizing the use of digital workers, such as software robots, and distributing prioritized work effectively across automations and available resources.

Work queues help you prioritize work items, with the highest-priority items being completed first, regardless of whether they’re processed by digital workers, human workers, or through integrations. The work queue orchestrator decides which item to pick next based on factors such as when it was added to the queue and its priority level. By using work queues in combination with other digital workforce management tools—such as hosted machine groups, advanced analytics, and process mining—organizations can gain insights into the performance of their automation processes to improve the efficiency, scalability, and fault tolerance of automation processes, while also reducing costs and improving the quality of services.

To experience all these new things, visit the links below: