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New RPA Platform Migration Solution by Blueprint

by sol-admin

Historically, switching RPA platforms was both expensive and difficult due to the lack of code parity, lost credentials, absent versioning, unavailable output compare, missing audit logs, and numerous other challenges. This meant that companies had to rebuild their entire bot portfolio from scratch in order to change RPA vendors.

That’s why Blueprint recently released its new RPA platform migration solution that enables companies to quickly switch from one RPA tool to another. The solution takes in bots from any leading RPA tools including Blue Prism, UiPath, and Automation Anywhere, and then creates a digital blueprint that can be pushed into other RPA platforms. The blueprints also enable automated processes to connect to relevant dependencies, systems, and constraints.

Blueprint’s new RPA platform migration solution, a part of Blueprint’s Enterprise Automation Suite, works three times faster and provides a 75% cost reduction in comparison with manually migrating bots or rebuilding them in a different RPA platform.

“Our technology reduces the complexities and cost of shifting RPA tools to near zero, allowing companies to pick the platform that’s best for them, regardless of how much they’ve already developed on a competing platform. This ultimately pushes RPA tools down the value stack, commoditizing automation and execution platforms, so companies can choose the vendor that offers the best price and value and simply switch.”

Dan Shimmerman, CEO, Blueprint