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by sol-admin

NIA Contracts Analysis is a business application powered by Infosys NIA, a purposeful artificial
intelligence platform. NIA Contracts Analysis ingest content from contracts and organizational operating procedures and use this neural word embedding to convert natural language into a computable format. It applies deep learning through the neural networks and even text analytics to create a contract specific knowledge model that captures all contract rules, exceptions, relationships, and risks across clauses and entities. This knowledge model progressively learns and evolves as underlying contracts and procedures change. NIA Contracts Analysis operationalizes these knowledge models via different interfaces. A responsive web interface provides on-demand risk identification and assessment of different clauses across the entire contract. An API-based interface enables other knowledge consumption mechanisms such as chatbots and self-serve portals.

With contracts analyzed and contextually reviewed overtime, worker productivity improves and operational costs reduce as business disruptions reduce. Overall this results in greater customer satisfaction, the business will enjoy reduced manual time-consuming efforts and better compliance rates. NIA Contracts Analysis learns, analyzes, and evolves in new and innovative ways.

Let’s look at where NIA Contracts Analysis can be used with an example of Ron, a business manager at a large corporation, that employs labor from multiple unions, with multiple contracts within each union: