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by sol-admin

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is a basic measurement of a customer’s satisfaction with a brand’s product and/or services. Marketers and brands can use CSAT to determine a customer’s level of satisfaction at key interaction times, such as the moment of purchase, the onboarding process, a support ticket exchange, and a phone or digital conversation with customer service.

NICE Enlighten CSAT maker is a first of its kind complete business solution which uses an AI framework to deliver customer satisfaction right out of the box. With built-in models and features, it objectively measures agent behaviors that are proven to drive customer satisfaction immediately, consistently, and accurately on every interaction with no bias.

It frees supervisors and quality teams from the tedious manual scoring of a small inaccurate sample of interactions. Instead, it automates this process, making it possible to focus on improving customer satisfaction and agent retention. It brings the power of ai to benefit all contact centers and solve their problems in a way that couldn’t be done before.

There’s no need for sampling anymore because it covers every agent and 100% of interactions. Furthermore, managers and agents can easily act on the data because NICE Enlighten for Customer Satisfaction comes with pre-configured quality management and coaching automation. so, coaches can spend just a few minutes rather than hours and focus on their agents instead. It’s time to say “goodbye” to ineffective customer surveys that contribute very little to anything.

Agents trust it because it scores them fairly and accurately. It lifts their engagement to new highs and, with real-time interaction guidance prompts, can reinforce coaching while they are actually communicating with customers.