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NICE & Hyperscience Integration

by sol-admin

Hyperscience is artificial intelligence and intelligent automation company. Founded in 2014 the company is based in New York City, NY, also has offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, and London, United Kingdom. Hyperscience offers an intelligent document processing solution built on a machine learning platform for enterprises dealing with high volumes of document processing and manual data entry. The product processes structured and semi-structured data on documents, automating up to 80%+ of manual document sorting, out of the box with 99.5% accuracy. The low-code platform provides enterprises with an easy-to-use solution for classification and data extraction.

Hyperscience and NICE have joined forces to automate the processing of scanned and hard-to-read documents. Using the Hyperscience-NICE integration organizations can transform their operations. Here is one of the scenarios.

A direct debit form arrives in an inbox as an attachment triggering the automated workflow to start. A NICE unattended robot sends the document into the Hyperscience platform via arrest API. Hyperscience classifies and extracts data across diverse document types including PDFs, low-resolution images, and messy handwritten forms. Hyperscience automatically extracts, validates, and enriches data so that employees can be confident that the information they’re acting on is correct resulting in fewer steps in the downstream process. AI is confident enough to automatically transcribe each field at your desired level of accuracy.

In case the machine is unsure of the transcription, NICE’s virtual assistant NEVA notifies an employee and then guides them through any supervision tasks within the Hyperscience platform. Structured JSON data output files are picked up by NICE and sent downstream for faster, more reliable processing.

Let’s watch how this looks live.