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by sol-admin

Analytics lives in the core of every business. It requires the right approach, knowledge, and organizational alignment in order to make a difference. It requires knowing everything about your customers, at the macro-level of every touchpoint with your business along their journey, and into the micro-level understanding of each and every interaction they have with your organization or with your employees.

As the only company analyzing and correlating all levels of each customer engagement, NICE brings a unique added value. It adds context to each interaction, allowing for a granular understanding of every element of the journey. At the heart of customer engagement analytics is Nexidia Analytics.

Here are the main advantages of NICE Nexidia Analytics:

Nexidia’s proprietary technology for turning interactions into usable data is over 50 times more scalable than alternatives.
NICE Nexidia’s commitment to open data standards ensures results from analytics are available for any type of downstream analysis – there are no hidden fees or red tape designed to hold data hostage.
Speed & Accuracy
Deep Learning Neural Networks alongside rapid processing via the Data Exchange Framework provide unparalleled speed & accuracy.
Analytics isn’t something you buy, it’s something you do. NICE Nexidia partners with customers and focuses on outcomes rather than software inputs.
NICE Nexidia’s customers are the largest and most credible in the market and have achieved the best outcomes in their industries. According to the research firm DMG Consulting, NICE has already cornered 45% of the analytics market, making us the largest player in the industry. NICE Nexidia assists contact centers in improving business operations by delivering consistent visibility into overall corporate objectives.

Watch this video to learn more about NICE Nexidia Analytics capabilities for your business needs – Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics, Journey Sequencing Technology, and Predictive Behavioral Routing.