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No less than 5% Growth of RPA Investment is expected in 2020

by sol-admin

Forrester Research, Inc. conducted an online survey with 270 decision-makers from operations groups, finance, and other lines of business from the US, France, Germany, and the UK.

The report claimed that the RPA services market will reach $12 billion by 2023. Two-thirds of respondents to the survey feel that RPA software spending is going to increase by at least 5% over the next 12 months. One of the most amazing advantages of using a virtual workforce is that it does not require replacement of existing systems. The report also adds that improving customer experience (CX), change management processes, and employee experience will be some of the top business priorities in 2020 that RPA will help organizations achieve.

Enterprises are planning to use RPA for the following goals:

  • Enhance business results
  • Offer the right knowledge and training to employees for improved productivity
  • Improve the quality of customer experience
  • Increase job satisfaction within employees

And besides, Forrester comes to the conclusion that advanced automation will bring in a new wave of disruptors that will tweak the way organizations operate today, and they need to get ready to meet this change.

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