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NOTABLE Forms its Digital Transformation Council

by sol-admin

Notable is one of the leading intelligent automation companies for healthcare. In early November 2021, the company raised $100M in a Series B funding round. Last week, Notable announced the formation of its Digital Transformation Council. Let’s find out the details.

The Council is meant to be an advisory board composed of healthcare’s foremost clinical, digital and operational leaders to construct a new vision for healthcare rooted in intelligent automation. The group will leverage its collective expertise to brainstorm and draw blueprints for a simpler, more engaging healthcare ecosystem.

“The status quo has been to build or buy point solutions for every touchpoint across the care continuum, which only creates more work and duplicative workflows. Notable serves as the connecting thread throughout the patient journey and allows staff to focus on complex thinking, problem-solving, and patient care instead of repetitive work. This Council has the potential to expand our vision to redefine what is possible and develop creative solutions that transform the impossible into reality.”

Pranay Kapadia, CEO, Notable

The Notable Digital Transformation Council will meet quarterly to discuss opportunities for automation within healthcare, which Notable will compile and share with its customer community regularly. Last week, the Council gathered in an inaugural meeting to discuss how intelligent automation can help health systems to eliminate their call centers.