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Npower as an RPA Pioneer

by sol-admin

Let’s take a look at how Npower, one of the Big Six Energy Suppliers in the gas and electricity market of Great Britain, deployed a Blue Prism digital workforce in the far 2005.

When Npower’s parent company placed pressure on its commercial service line to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and make the business faster and more agile, the business solutions group immediately had Blue Prism on its radar screen.

It was looking for a solution that could:
• adapt to rapid change, especially regulatory compliance
• deliver lower project costs and risks compared to conventional IT
• create faster lead times
• leverage more lifetime value from legacy systems without capital investment
• create completely new capabilities – not just reduce costs of existing processes

In compliance with these needs, it selected three initial processes to automate with Blue Prism:

– Invoice Statement Generation
– Emergency Contact Detail Communications
– Missed Contract Renewals

In its first year of deployment, Npower saved the equivalent of 40 FTEs, accelerated the processes by
60 %, and increased productivity by 8% across the entire service operation.

After just three years:
• Npower was realizing £10 million in annual savings.
• Blue Prism’s digital workforce was handling 2 million hours of work in 100+ processes.
• Only two Npower employees were needed to manage the full force of 400 robots.

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