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Olive, the First AI‑Powered Workforce for Healthcare

by sol-admin

Behind the scenes of every patient interaction, there are hundreds of administrative processes that are the backbone of Healthcare operations. But they are inefficient, error-prone, and strain the capacity of your staff. The necessity of these tasks won’t change but the way you complete them – can, with Olive. Olive’s AI workforce makes Healthcare more efficient, more affordable, and more human improving your bottom line today so you can reinvent the future of Healthcare tomorrow. Automation isn’t new but historical ways of implementing it are broken.

That’s why Olive pioneered a new way forward with AI-as-a-Service allowing providers to go further faster. You get a robust scalable AI platform delivered by experienced Healthcare and technology professionals who scope, build, support, and optimize your workflows. Olive is committed to your success delivering results without overburdening your team. Olive’s underlying technology includes a comprehensive set of AI capabilities built with a deep understanding of Healthcare systems and processes:

  • RPA allows Olive to complete routine tasks by logging into systems, connecting to APIs, and reading information from files to find and extract information.
  • Computer Vision extends that work by allowing Olive to visualize, understand, and interact with a user interface from reading documents to identifying updates.
  • Machine Learning enables Olive to find patterns in data, learning and improving from each task to become more accurate in predicting outcomes.

Working together these capabilities allow Olive to work at peak performance. Trust it to complete your critical processes while consistently improving the confidence and precision of her actions. In fact, as Olive works, she draws on an unmatched level of networked intelligence collected across the providers she serves. That knowledge allows you to operate at the industry best, as Olive resolves common issues, drives continuous improvement, and autonomously finds new areas where she can help. Olive’s AI-as-a-Service solution provides the efficiency, reliability, and intelligence that make your operation sing so you can focus on redefining the future of Healthcare.