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OpenBots Automation QuickPacks

by sol-admin

OpenBots is an open-source RPA startup that allows you to build a digital workforce and automate straightforward and repetitive actions with ease. Recently, the company announced the launch of OpenBots Automation QuickPacks. These short, two-month, automation service contracts are designed to provide RPA ROI results in a fixed amount of time. By combining OpenBots software and professional RPA services, organizations are able to start a program using open-source RPA or convert their existing commercial license program to OpenBots’ license-free platform to reduce program expenses and ROI thresholds.

QuickPacks are comprised of OpenBots tool installation, an OpenBots Development and Deployment training classroom, two developer-made solutions or migrations from licensed RPA to open source, an assessment of up to 10 processes to priority rank the productivity gains for more intelligent scalability, and OpenBots Standard Support for developers and RPA users.

The summary is QuickPacks are the first offering in the market that combines professional services with an open-source platform; for enterprises looking to scale their RPA programs without increasing license costs, QuickPacks unlock promised RPA ROI.

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